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Completed Projects

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Project Name

Lunar House Croydon.png

Site Name: Lunar House Croydon

The Problem


The consultants required the installation of high quality desiccant cooling systems to operate with chilled ceilings in the conditioned space.


Some plant area inside the building was available, but to accommodate all the 9 Desiccant AHUs required, roof space also had to used. To save the cost of constructing roof plantrooms external AHU’s needed to be fully weathered and packaged.

The Solution


5 No desiccant AHUs for internal location were supplied, each rated at approximately 8.1m3/s, Each was a basic double deck AHU with remote Control Panels and plantroom installation of pipework and valves by the installer.


4 desiccant AHUs for location on the roof were each rated at approximately 4.7m3/s, Each was a fully packaged Unit with services corridor incorporated along one side. This formed a plant area for location of Control Panels and all associated internal electrical and pipework. Each package was completely factory fabricated ready for site connection of LTHW and CW mains, power supply and control interfacing by others.


Because of the size of each package, they were delivered to site in sections, for re-assembly by ACP after positioning on the roof by the installer.

Technical Data


AHUs 1,2, 3 and 4 (4.7m3/s each): Each basic 7600 long x 2500 wide x 2750mm (overall) height, plus corridor 1400 wide.


AHU 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (8.1m3/s each) Each basic 7500 long x 3150 wide x 3300mm (overall) height. All equipment was supplied during mid-2000.

Norden farm Maidenhead.png

Site Name: Norden Farm Maidenhead


The Problem


The Client had to locate the Supply / Extract AHU serving the main Lecture Theatre in a restricted basement plantroom area. The AHU was to be located against a plantroom wall so all service access had to be arranged from one side.

Heat recovery was required during winter operation and cooling would be necessary in summer conditions to provide tempered air. Also, because of the Unit location near the Lecture Theatre, it was imperative noise breakout had to be kept to a minimum.

The Solution


A single section double-stacked package was designed with a horizontal Supply section above an extract section. Two air connections were provided each end and airside attenuation was carried out in the ductwork by others.


ACP constructed the unit with fully welded steel framework to support special heavy density acoustic panelling. To maximise noise absorbtion, 70mm thick panels were constructed with mineral wool slabs, a 5mm thick PVC / bitumen flexible acoustic sheet and a Mylar lead membrane, enclosed by plasticised outer and perforated inner steel skins.


As well as fans, filters and heater coils, the package contained integral run around coils, fully factory piped with pumps and pressurisation unit. A self-contained internal cooling system was fitted with DX cooling coil in the Supply deck and condenser in the Extract.

The Client required the AHU to be capable of operating with 25% or 100% airflow. To acheive this, two unequal refrigeration circuits were installed each with hotgas bypass for capacity modulation. Each circuit included hermetic scroll compressor, refrigeration pipework, components and safety devices allowing automatic operation

Coutts Bank.png

Site Name: Coutts Bank High St Kensington


The Problem:


The Bank wanted to introduce a small quantity of fresh air to ventilate selected high prestige offices used by senior staff and clients.


There was no other convenient location for the plant other than a small light well adjacent to the area concerned.


The client also required a high degree of filtration with panel and bag filters, plus activated carbon to remove food smells from adjacent properties. Also specified was a minimum humidification level during winter and a full integral control system.

The Solution


A vertical external AHU was designed with air entering at low level and being discharged to ductwork horizontally at high level, ready to pass into the false ceiling void above the ventilated spaces. In sequence the AHU contained : Weather louvre, shut off damper, electric frost heater, panel and bag filters, activated carbon filter, main electric heater, supply fan and electric humidifier.

Said Business School.png

Site Name: Said Business School


ACP have designed, manufactured and supplied 7 Eco-Vap units for internal plant room mounting.


Each AHU with airflows between 1.3 and 5m3/s operates with 100% Supply and Extract airstreams and is designed to supply air to the space at a constant 18C.


About 30% of the required cooling is achieved by the ACP Eco-Vap system. This incorporates a double plate exchanger.

The smallest AHU is 4m Long x 1.15mW x 2.15M H supplied split into 3 sections for handling purpose with overall weight 2000 kg

Additional cooling is provided by a single stage of DX refrigeration with the circuit fully factory piped inside the AHU using R407C refrigerant.


The condenser coil, for heat rejection is located in the exhaust airstream. Each AHU has an integral Control Panel operated by a Trend DDC unit to control all functions and communicate with the site BMS.

40 The Strand London WC2.png

Project Name: 40 The Strand London WC2


The Problem


The roof area available for AC plant was very limited. The system design necessitated the close control of absolute humidity with minimal electrical consumption.


Consultants BWP chose a desiccant cooling system to operate in conjunction with a chilled ceiling to achieve the required conditions within the space.

The Solution.


Two main AHU’s each rated at 6.6m3/s were constructed for parallel site location with the space between bridged by a common access corridor. This arrangement minimised the roof area required and effectively formed a plantroom with clean overall appearance.


A second pair of smaller units were also supplied with a similar internal layout. The two pairs of units were each fully factory fitted out, with the corridor housing pumps, pipework, fittings, control panels etc. When completed the site contractor had only to make power, control connections and CHW and LTHW mains to each package before final commissioning.

Technical Data.


AHUs 1 & 2 (6.6m3/s each): Basic Dimensions 6.1M long x 2.8M wide x 2.9M high, with common corridor 1M wide.


AHUs 3 & 4 (4.6m3/s each): Basic Dimensions 6.1M long x 2.5M wide x 2.25M high, with common corridor 1M wide.

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