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Ventilation for Schools, Academies and Universities

Ventilation Solutions for Schools

Ventilation solutions for Schools, Academies and Universities isn't a "one size fits all" as all are unique environments and need specific requirements depending on the use cases: However for some years a standard called BB101 has been in place which lists IAQ standards:


Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality looks at the types of ventilation strategies that can be adopted to meet School building design requirements.


i.e. Ventilating classrooms/areas via window openings is not advised, however if the outside air quality is suitable then one of our hybrid ventilation heat recovery ventilation units will suffice,


If classrooms are close to a busy road or there are high levels of air pollution around the school, we suggest using our Hybrid range would filter incoming pollutants whilst also ensuring guaranteed airflow throughout the classroom.


For School ventilation there are many products to suit whether General ventilation in school classrooms, ventilation for school laboratories, specialist ventilation for school IT suites or school auditoriums.

ACP have supplied multiple education ventilation projects




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