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The ACP Product ranges include Energy Efficient Custom Chillers, Roof Top Packaged Units, Commercial and Industrial and Hybrid Heat Pump AHU's all available as Flat Pack units 

ACP Bespoke Chiller
ACP offers an exceptional level of technical knowledge and expertise in all of the disciplines below

Air Movement
Maintaining Air Movement without noise or drafts within a building.
Temperature and Humidity Control
Alongside Air Movement is the need for stable temperature and Humidity Control which we achieve with ease.
Heating, Cooling & De-Humidification
Probably the most common requirement of our products is the need to provide, heating, cooling and de-humidification of the occupied space.
Noise Control
It’s difficult working in an environment where Noise from equipment becomes a problem. We ensure noise control with special acoustics.

The use of Refrigeration in Air Conditioning is something we always design and install into our equipment.
Rooftop Packaged Plant
We manufacture bespoke rooftop packaged plant for a wide variety of applications.

With equipment installed throughout the world our understanding of most climates and customer requirements has been honed to provide an unrivalled level of engineering technical  expertise . This formidable asset  is available to assist engineering your project.

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