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High-efficiency AHU
Damvent UK Service & Maintenance

ACP UK Service & Maintenance


ACP manufacture high quality and reliable products. But like all HVAC systems which have moving components, they will need some basic maintenance to keep them working reliably and without interruption and to offer maintenance customers some technical support.

The types of maintenance available is dependant on the equipment type and size. i.e. Custom AHU's, Bespoke Chillers & Heat Pumps etc.


We can offer you Service & Maintenance packages to suit

Basic Annual Inspection. This is a basic inspection of the unit(s) and is there to identify any issues and offer suggestions/recommendations to keep the equipment operating at optimum conditions. It includes an annual filter change 


Bi-Annual PPM . this covers 2 visits per year, and includes 2 filter changes, as well as refrigerant checks, and on fan condition/operation. Reports supported with photo's/videos where applicable will be provided.

These can be supported with our optional Remote Monitoring System. This enables us to be connected to the systems operating parameters. Should anything be operating erratically then alarms can be sent to key people so that action can be taken to rectify the units before a failure.



Should an item have failed for whatever reason, we also offer a full repair service to replace any failed components and to bring the unit(s) up to full working condition.


Equipment Upgrades and Replacements. 


Older equipment can be upgraded or indeed converted to more modern components. i.e.

  • Upgrade/replace fans to EC fans.

  • Replacing or converting rotary heat exchangers to plate heat exchangers. Upgrading old Air Handling units to Hospital HTM grade.

  • Upgrading Old AHU's to Hybrid Heat Pump Units

  • Removing/Replacing old equipment with more modern units including equipment design/selection and installation.

  • Complete Ventilation overhaul and modifications to local floor/room level automatic damper control matched to occupancy.

You can Find Out More from our Contacts Page

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