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SMART FUTURE TECH started life following a conversation with the MD of an HVAC Manufacturer  who had personally experienced Video Technology being used on his car by his Main Dealer garage and the ability to build trust with customers by actually showing them almost instant Real issues with their vehicles (as opposed to phoning them to say they had found problems) - which often led to mistrust in the past.

This is the basis of our XOi Field Technician Reporting system.  


















We know that similar trust issues exist within the M&E sector, which is why we have built SMART FUTURE TECH to follow the same system.


On a secondary but equally important issue was the ability to record voice, photos and written description to support the video.


With nothing similar within Global M&E, HVAC and FM markets, we decided to explore the possibility of developing an App that Technicians could use quickly and easily but without having to fill out Paper-based forms. We came across XOI 


The speed and ability to complete a report, the ability to create an estimate for any repairs or remedial work directly from the field and to send the report instantly to the customer meant that repairs could be completed more quickly resulting in less downtime for the customer and often without the need for a return visit.


The XOi system was developed to cover virtually every type of M&E specialist and are unique to each trade as clearly someone working on an elevator doesn't want a system about a Fire Alarm system!


We have developed Smart Future Tech for the following trades: -

  • HVAC​

  • Refrigeration

  • Fire & Security​

  • Elevators​

  • Electrical​

  • Plumbing & Drainage

  • Commercial Catering Equipment

The Business is run by seasoned M&E service professionals that provides new and proven suitable technology that makes a real difference.

At the heart of the business is the customer. How could they see real tangible benefits from innovative contractors? Innovations in technology had to deliver energy savings, improve first time fix, reduce return visits, predict failures and reduce planned maintenance expenditure.

SMART FUTURE TECH carried out extensive research into technologies available and we wanted to ensure that they provide independent after market technologies that can complement each other.


In addition to the aforementioned products we are working with Field Service Management Software businesses to offer their products to enhance our core products