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Air quality control
Damvent UK Tech Support

ACP Air Conditioning UK Tech Support



we offer a full design service so you can be sure you are getting the right product for the application. No matter what type of HVAC system you require, we have a solution



We offer full installation training to installers either one-to-one, or in our training suite, to enable you to gain a full insight into what's required, we can also offer pre-sales training and customer site visit/surveys. 


Test & Commissioning

Full commissioning and field support is available by our factory trained team to ensure that the equipment has been installed as expected. 


We also offer a customisation service so if you need a special version to fit into a certain footprint that can be done, and we also offer a full flat pack and site reassembly if needed.

Warranty & Service

ACP Products come with a standard 2-year warranty.

No matter how great the ACP Products are and with easy installation and set-up, sometimes you just need to ask for some technical support.


We can offer you three levels of support

1st Level is UK Telephone Support. You can talk to our knowledgeable Team who will be able to provide local insight and will be able to resolve most issues. This can be supported via WhatsApp to view the issue remotely. Over 80% of cases can be resolved this way. 


Factory Technical Support. If we are unable to assist you with our UK field team then the next level is to contact our technical support managers at the factory in Sussex.  These guys can also support you with legacy equipment.


Additionally where equipment has to be shipped and supplied dis-assembled then they will be able to assist the field team with re-assembly.


UK Field Technical Support. 


There are times when you need a field visit to resolve the issue. We have field factory trained technicians who can visit you onsite and fix the issues. This service is free during the warranty period, however its a chargeable service for non warranty customers.

You can Find Out More from our Contacts Page

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