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Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

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Air Handling Unit Refurbishment


Air handling units play a vital part in overall building performance. Ensuring AHUs are functioning correctly and running efficiently is essential as if neglected, it can create poor environmental conditions causing a negative impact on occupants and building infrastructure.


Older inefficient Air Handling Units can be upgraded and refurbished rather than replacing them.  Refurbishing your AHU with Smart Future Tech is a cost-effective solution which is individually tailored to suit the AHU and buildings requirements enabling compliance to latest regulations, potentially extending the life expectancy of the system by a up to 20 years. Smart Future Tech can refurbish any make or model of Air Handling unit providing the following benefits:  


  • Improved efficiency

  • Energy savings

  • Reduced CO2

  • Improved IAQ

  • Easy maintenance

  • Extended lifecycle

  • Redundancy

  • Compliance to regulations

  • Low upfront cost


We also provide onsite AHU Flat Pack re-assembly, Bolt Together, Leak & Pressure testing, commissioning and Off-Loading services for new Air Handling Unit Installations.


How do we carry out  an AHU refurbishment?


An initial assessment is conducted of the air handling equipment to identify condition and determine potential remedial works required. Our team will evaluate the internal components and we will provide a proposal with a costed list of itemised recommendations and comprehensive scope of works. An energy saving feasibility report including return on investment (ROI) is also created.


Upon instruction, we arrange a pre-start meeting to go through site-specifics, programme of works, and component selections. Once manufactured, components are delivered to site, flat packed or pre-assembled ready for installation. Refurbishment works can then commence.


Smart Future Tech will minimise  disruption to business operations therefore, we aim to complete works to multiple AHUs in stages to reduce downtime and impact on the clients. Finally, we ensure the site is left neat and tidy with all redundant components that have been stripped out removed from site.


We then handover a compliant, energy efficient air handling unit with an expected life extension of up to 20 years.

Smart Future Tech HVAC enables AHU energy savings of at least 30 and often around 50%


Smart Future Tech AHU Upgrade options.


Fan Upgrades


Fan upgrades from old belt-driven centrifugal fans, to EC fan arrays. EC fans not only provide higher efficiencies and therefore significant energy & CO2 savings, but they offer additional redundancy through their multiple fan installation. They are easy to maintain with no maintainable components such as belts and pulleys which are found on traditional belt driven fans.












Motor Upgrades


We have partnered with Turntide Motors to offer the latest in energy saving motor technology that mans their smart motor systems will not only reduce your business' energy usage and carbon footprint, they will also typically pay for themselves in one to three years. 

  • A simple and effective way to reduce your business' carbon footprint

  • 30% - 60% increase in energy efficiency

  • 12.8% more reliable than traditional induction motors

  • Easy to install (uses your existing motors' fixtures)

Download the technical brochure




Update from BS EN 779 to ISO 16890 has introduced more effective filter solutions to the market. Replacing your filter solutions and housings can have a significant impact on IAQ, system pressure drop, and energy consumption. In addition we can provide automatic filter condition Remote Monitoring to let customers know when the filters actually need changing, rather than on a pre-set basis.




Replacing coils where damaged or worn to ensure optimal performance is re-established. Over-time, set point parameters can change which can require the implementation of new coils. DX coils can offer significant cost savings vs electric heater batteries though integration is load dependent.




Replacement/repair of mechanical dampers where damaged ensures that airflow set-points are re-established at the lowest pressure drop


Panels, Hinges & Seals


Replacing seals has obvious benefits and stops leakage. Replacing panels where damaged to help improve casing leakage and thermal performance. Upgrading to new panels can help align to the latest specifications such as HTM-03-01.




Depending on the AHU configuration it may be possible to convert the AHU to provide cooling/heating via either an integrated or external heat pump essentially making it a hybrid unit.




Site surveys of controls often highlight areas where control set-up is sub-optimal for desired performance. We can offer individual component or full system upgrades and re-commissioning. This can also reduce overall energy consumption, including remote AHU monitoring.


The benefits of AHU refurbishment

  • Improved efficiency

  • Upgrading filter, fan and coil solutions can significantly improve overall AHU efficiencies.

  • Energy savings

  • Increased efficiencies from upgrading components can lead to significant energy savings – up to 50% annually

  • Replacing components to energy efficient solutions can reduce C02 emissions by up to 50%

  • New solutions can help align existing AHUs with the latest regulations.

  • Compliant to regulation

  • Extended life cycle

  • AHU refurbishment through replacing components can extend the life cycle of AHU’s by up to 20 years

  • Reduced CO2 emmissions

  • Improved Indoor air quality

  • Upgrading fan, coil and filter solutions can significantly improve IAQ.

  • Redundancy & Downtime

  • Low upfront cost

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • New solutions can provide additional resilience on component failure (EC fans, condenser coils). This allows your system to run 24/7 with no concern over failure.

  • Cost to replace components is significantly less than that of entire systems

  • Upgrading fan and filter solutions can significantly reduce periodic maintenance requirements, in turn reducing long term maintenance cost.

If You click on the image below you can download a Free PDF on whether to Refurbish or Replace 
















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