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Commercial Office Ventilation Solution

Commercial Office Ventilation

Commercial Offices represents one of the most common areas where ACP Custom Energy Saving Air Handling Units are needed especially when it comes to achieving net Zero as well as considerations whenever BREEAM is being used and considered. Indoor Air Quality is a prime consideration.

Providing adequate ventilation offers health benefits and a high level of indoor air quality to make people more comfortable, and more productive. Workers in a well ventilated space are also less likely prone to sickness.

For a constant supply of fresh clean cooled/heated air as well as removing stale pollutants we recommend one of our hybrid heat recovery units. These units will maintain comfortable thermal levels with up to 100% heat recovery. 

We have supplied/installed many projects where we have demonstrated the savings we have achieved as well as providing an alternative to conventional cooling/heating via either VRF or Chilled water projects using fan coil units.

ACP continues to break the mould when it comes to an alternative lower cost solution. 


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