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Damvent VMF Simultaneous Packaged Heat Pump Unit

VMF system
Damvent have developed the Worlds First Single Packaged Heat Pump Unit that provides simultaneous Heating, Cooling, 100% Fresh Air & Sanitary Hot Water with
15% Lower Purchase Costs than VRF's & AHU's and 67% lower Running Cost in Cooling Mode than an equivalent capacity Daikin VRF Air Conditioning System.
Damvent Max e-Pool Hybrid Pool Air Handling Unit

This compact Single Packaged Heat Pump unit that not only provides
Simultaneous Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Hot Water and that
uses 86% less energy than a comparable Daikin VRF AC unit in Heating mode.

The units are compact, measuring just 1650mm long, 1350mm wide and 450 mm deep and weighing just 71Kg for the largest model they can be mounted indoors or outdoors with supply and return ductwork connections at one end.

Click on the Image Below to view the full savings comparison graphic
Damvent VMF vs VRF Finacial Comparison
VMF Performance Data.jpg

Works with Fan Coils, Radiant Ceiling Panels, Chilled Beams and Underfloor Heating

Radiant Heating & Cooling Panels.jpg

VMF Applications

The Damvent VMF's are available in 2 sizes. In Cooling Mode, 30Kw (covering a maximum area of 2,000 M3) and the larger 60Kw (covering up to 4200 M3) and in Heating Mode 27.5Kw and 57Kw respectively. Multiple VMF units could be used for larger Applications/Projects.

Full Technical specs are on this link


15% savings can be achieved from purchase & installation costs vs an equivalent Daikin VRF installation with Fan Coils. This is because the VMF equipment prices are lower, the installation is quicker and easier especially when using Radiant Panels or Chilled Beams for the space cooling/heating. 


Sanitary Hot Water Production

Clients can save money by producing sanitary hot water. On our test site and using a 1,000 litre water storage tank, it produces up to 10,5m3/h it took a warm up time of 3 hours from a starting temp of 15C and heating up to 55C ) This often means that a Boiler is no longer required.

Applications with single units.

The individual VMF units are ideal for:


  • Take Away/Restaurants

  • Smaller Hotels or Hotel areas

  • Retail Stores

  • Smaller Commercial Offices

  • Schools

  • Healthcare Buildings

Larger Applications with multiple VMF units.

There is no limit to the number of VMF units that can operate together to create a comfortable environment.

The Full Brochure with Fan Coils can be downloaded here

The Full Installation information can be found here


If you are looking for a VRF Air Conditioning price, Instead of considering a Daikin or Mitsubishi VRF air conditioning system, why not send us your job spec and let us do the equivalent design and selection for you as well as providing your project price?


Get in touch by email or call us on 07894 204666

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