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Auditel was established 30-years agon in 1984 and has built a strong network of over 100 procurement specialists and are continually innovating our service - becoming a leading procurement and supply chain management consultancy.


Auditel’s procurement specialists work alongside your existing Finance, Operational and Procurement teams, providing the external help your organisation requires, delivering business transformation and a competitive advantage. This is due to our vast expertise and detailed knowledge of suppliers, and which of them can deliver innovation and services at the most competitive prices.


When we first engage with an organisation its a common belief that they believe that their procurement is under control, and any improvements we could achieve would be insignificant and not worth pursuing.


Many organisations believe that ‘as long as the spend is within budget and the supplier is delivering in accordance with the contract and service level agreement, then all is well.’


This is a natural response and we fully understand this initial reaction. However, without independent benchmarking and validation of pricing and service level arrangements, it’s impossible to know if you are receiving value for money or investing in the right technology.


From our 30 years of experience, working with thousands of clients, organisations are typically over-paying for goods and services by up to 50% whilst missing out on innovation. If addressed, this can have a positive impact on the organisation’s performance.

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Serious buying leverage


Helping our clients to innovate within their supply chain is in our DNA. We have helped thousands of organisations accelerate their business performance by utilising our knowledge, expertise and our impressive buying power.

We have nurtured exclusive relationships with a wide range of national and local suppliers’ across 100+ different areas of expenditure, thereby building up an impressive buying leverage due to the combined spend of all our clients.


Suppliers that work with Auditel understand that if they maintain a competitive price and adhere to service levels agreements, it is likely to lead to further opportunities from other Auditel clients. This means you can gain access to our unique pricing frameworks that would be unattainable if negotiating by yourself, resulting in best value for money, while remaining completely independent and impartial. The synergy this creates allows us to provide powerful solutions to your business challenges.


Suppliers enjoy working with Auditel because we are aligned to their tendering process. We can clearly present our clients’ profile of spend and service level requirements, while also being aware of the innovation or valued added service that suppliers can provide. This enables the supplier to give their most competitive price because there are no unknowns in the tendering process, ensuring that our clients get the best deals over the longest term.


Our procurement specialists act as the conduit between you and the supplier, ensuring a smooth implementation and eradicating wasted time for both parties. We work hard to ensure that the supplier relationships result in a ‘win-win’ for both you and the supplier and we deal with both in a transparent, fair and ethical way.

Our suppliers also take an active part in training and sharing their own knowledge and expertise with our procurement specialists, who, in turn, pass it onto you, so that you can be sure you’re always up-to-date with the latest innovations and solutions.

You can read more about the Procurement benefits here

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