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VRF Beater - Simultaneous Heating/Cooling/Ventilation & Hot Water Packaged Unit

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

VMF Total HVAC system
VMF Simultaneous Heating, Cooling and Ventilation system

For the last 15-20 years at least, Commercial Air Conditioning has been dominated by VRF or Chilled Water systems combined with separate Air Handling Units to provide heating, cooling and ventilation requirements to commercial properties, no matter whether office space, retail or hospitality.

Well established VRF brands such as Mitsubishi and Daikin along with other Chiller Manufacturers such as Carrier, Trane etc' and some newer entrants have developed their own hybrid systems and have worked with AHU suppliers and BMS Businesses to develop complete solutions. However often they work in silos and have to try and integrate with other manufacturers often with mixed results.

VMF Total HVAC System

Damvent have developed a Total HVAC product known as VMF which is a single packaged unit that is the worlds first Single Packaged Unit that provides simultaneous Heating, Cooling, 100% Fresh Air & Hot Water operating between -30 to + 50C with Lower Purchase Costs than VRF's & AHU's and 15-30% lower Running Costs.

It's a VRF Beater - Simultaneous Heating/Cooling/Ventilation & Hot Water Packaged Unit.

Its a product which has a maximum cooling capacity of 70Kw and is ideal for smaller applications or can be combined with additional units where higher capacities are needed. With a COP of 5.1 and a max airflow of 3,100 m3/h it has great performance for such a compact unit. Click For Full Technical Specs

Indoor units can be Radiant Panels or Fan Coil Units

Because this packaged unit delivers chilled and/or hot water it can provide different areas with different temperatures and if required can be a completely silent system delivered through water based radiant panels such as these behind a special ventilated ceiling panels - available in multiple colours as needed.

Radiant Ceiling Panels
Ventilated Radiant Ceiling Panels

Alternatively conventional water based Fan Coil Units can be used whether ducted or cassettes to suit.

VRF and Chilled Water systems require separate AHU's and Control systems

No matter which of these systems are specified or in use, they will require the following components:

  • Outdoor VRF Condenser(s) or Chiller(s)

  • Indoor Fan Coil Units

  • Local Master/Slave Controls

  • Boilers

  • AHU's

  • Main Control System

The Damvent VMF system is a complete packaged unit that delivers everything as a complete packed Total HVAC system in one unit including controls and DHWS, and can include optional additional components including the optional radiant panels/ceiling or Fan Coil units with supply/return air grilles, ducting.

It removes the need for a separate BMS/control system as the unit has a built-in Energy Management system and control system.

This graphic below shows an 86% Energy Saving vs a conventional VRF of equivalent capacity in heating mode.

Damvent VMF Energy Saving vs VRF
Damvent VMF Energy Saving vs VRF

Installation is quicker and at lower cost with 30-50% lower running costs, vs VRF and lower maintenance.

Suitable for Offices, Restaurants/Take Away's, Hotel Lounges, Schools

Brochure Downloads below

VMF Brochure with fancoils
Download PDF • 3.22MB

VMF Short catalogue-_Rev_
Download PDF • 1.64MB

Why not Request a quote or call on 07463 918729 to discuss your project

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