The Challenges Facing M&E Businesses

No matter what size or type of service specialist or facilities maintenance business you work in, there are some persistent challenges facing M&E businesses and often fixing those can take time. Additionally many OEM's face poor installation issues and subsequent high warranty claims.

These issues are being faced no matter whether you are a manufacturer or service contractor operating in commercial catering, refrigeration in retail, hospitality or an M&E business working in commercial offices including A/C, Fire/Security, Lifts etc

All the time your customers face continual poor service, breakdowns and complaints because they don't know what's going on and haven't got full visibility.

What challenges do M&E Business have?

  • Shortage of Skilled and specialist technicians

  • Poor quality of installations

  • High No of Warranty claims against OEM's

  • Shortage of Spare Parts

  • Lack of technician training and support.

  • Lower First Time fix on breakdowns and repairs

  • Increase in 2nd or return visits to complete repairs

  • Demonstrating live site issues with customers

  • High spare parts restocking charges

These issues are just some of the most common ones, and the frequency to which these happens varies on the type of M&E business, No and type of contracts, technicians and skill levels.

Customers are the lifeblood of any M&E Business and getting and keeping repeat business via service contracts are a start. Those customers want minimum hassle and choose pro-active service businesses that are reliable, trustworthy, have the necessary skills and expertise and can react to fixing problems that minimise disruption to their business operation and minimise any financial impact on their revenue. However if they aren't being kept up to date quickly with information then they will have unhappy clients.


Customers want full visibility and updates into their site assets and expect their service providers to embrace the latest technology to deliver complete visibility through predictive and condition based systems.

Manufacturers of new M&E equipment often innovate with new features such as IoT, and this latest technology is driving the M&E Industry with new enhancements, improvements and innovations.

Often forgotten is the after sales and service markets, and customers rarely see anything different when choosing a suitable service provider - until now.

Any contractor can instantly see improvements, cost reductions and improvements by embracing the latest technology

Key differentiators between this and Field Management Software.

Unique Vison Live 2-way Video support.

  • Direct Connections with Spare Parts suppliers from Tech Workflows, thereby removing re-stocking charges.

  • Field techs have remote Access by to Cloud based job history, and 200,000 + O&M's, "How to Videos", Diagrams. including, installation and maintenance procedures thereby reducing warranty claims.

​The Vision Live system allows your techs and customers to virtually connect and collaborate in real-time for faster training and problem resolution direct from the field. The app allows you to access a virtual, interactive environment from your team’s and customers existing smart devices, enabling: ​ 81% Improved First Time Fix Rate 69% Decrease in Resolution Time 50% Reduced 2nd Tech Visits 41% Decreased Tech Training Time 30% Increased Customer SatisfactionCustomers can share live actual site issues enabling contractors to Triage the site issue before despatching the correct technician and any spares needed.

This is not Field management Software - Our software can operate independently or integrate with your existing job management systems. For a full list of features click here ​ ​Facetime and WhatsApp simply aren't good enough when communicating with technicians and customers with live site issues and recording and keeping a record and are difficult to attach to a written report.

Software ROI

The software is suitable for small local service business up to multi-nationals and flexible pricing is available depending on the business size. The ROI can be measured very quickly.

What would it cost you to send a technician back to site for a 2nd visit? £250-£400? How many times in a month? 1-2 times thats £500-£800. Our software can cut that in half.

Wrongly ordered spares are a hidden and rarely accounted cost. Re-stocking charges costs M&E Business around £1,500/Month. Our software removes that by linking the spare parts supplier directly with the technician to validate and check the correct spares have been requested. That's a big saving.

Our software will pay for itself within the first 60 days

Why not discuss your current challenges and how a 60-day trial can get you back on track? Simply fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch.

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