World Famous Sports Competition keeps their Cool

You might be aware that there is a rather large tennis competition being played out in London SW19. Behind the scenes we see on television, there is a hidden army of Aermec service engineers keeping everyone cool.

32 chillers and 12 AHU’s do the hard cooling work, but Aermec’s service technicians and managers are always on standby to ensure a fast response to any potential unforeseen issues. They found their event planned and reactive work much easier since deploying the XOi software system provided by Smart Future Tech in the UK.

With a focus on high quality and tailored services, Aermec’s mission to this tournament is to provide unique workflows designed specifically for each equipment type and the needs of the customer that meet the highest possible standards.

Remote Assistance

That means that providing a quality after sales service using old-fashioned paper based systems was often hard to prove. The unique XOi Vision Live system means that Aermec techs and managers can “get eyes onsite” before needing to despatch an engineer.

Often a simple remote instruction to the customers FM team means site visits and equipment downtime can be avoided and costs saved.

Since implementing the XOi system it has helped Aermec provide their service clients with complete transparency into their service operations. The Vision Live system not only gives clients the ability to share live issues with their contractor but also gives the Aermec technicians live remote support.

Aermec has also created unique workflows related to local RAMS and health and safety training videos and procedures for engineers to utilise while working in the field. Ultimately, XOi has helped Aermec increase overall quality control, efficiency, provides visual documentation and validation on every job.

Step by Step job responsibilities

When a technician is assigned a job, they are provided a clear step by step list of job responsibilities that they must complete before they can finish and close off the job. From confirming proper safety procedures were followed to visually documenting job site conditions before, during, and after service is performed, these checklist or “workflow” steps are in place to ensure every job meets the same quality standards by making sure the technician doesn’t miss a step while on the job.

These workflows act as reliable sources of quality control, guaranteeing a repeatable level of service, while also providing customers a front row seat to visually observe each job. And because open communication and transparency are necessities when it comes to accountability, the XOi system provides the added benefit of improving technician accountability by giving techs a platform to showcase and document their work.

The XOi system allows your techs and customers to virtually connect and collaborate in real-time for faster training and problem resolution direct from the field. The app allows your technicians to access a virtual, interactive environment from your team’s and customers’ existing smart devices, enabling:

  • 81% Improved First Time Fix Rate

  • 69% Decrease in Resolution Time

  • 50% Reduced 2nd Tech Visits

  • 41% Decreased Tech Training Time

  • 30% Increased Customer Satisfaction

XOi is a differentiator against competitors, by giving clients the added reassurance that you're doing a proper service. If there’s ever any disputes with a client, you're covered with video content to say and show what’s actually been done.

You can find out more by contacting Smart Future Tech

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