"Show and Tell" a big hit for Polyteck

M&E Contractor Polyteck are in the process of trialling a new service with their customers which is using the age old, well proven process of "show and tell". The Polyteck engineers are using a "Visual Documentation" field technology system from XOi www.xoi.io

One of the main objectives for Polyteck is to be open and transparent with customers, and that involves showing them and telling them about actual site issues through a cloud based system that provides a field report with embedded narrated videos, photos and annotations.

The system is designed to sit alongside and complement and in many cases implement with 3rd party job management software.

Readers can view and see the live links to everything that a customer receives in this example of a customer report. Additional items can be incorporated within the report including spare parts needed and a customer quotation to complete the work.

Remote support needed by the technician can be provided live and instantly via OCR from manufacturers nameplates to the XOi library of over 120,000 O&M's, photos, video, diagrams.

Additionally, direct links to 3rd party suppliers of spare parts needed can be shared with specific parts suppliers who can provide instant availability and prices.

As well as sharing information with customers XOi also helps to build trust, and a full historical log of previous site visits can be accessed remotely from site to assist technicians and customers alike.

Visual Documentation as this technology is being called has already been well published in various publications as can be seen in this article in Facility Manager Magazine

The system is available to UK and European contractors from Smart Future tech www.smartfuturetech.co.uk who can provide UK support, backed up by XOi in the US.

You can request further information about the system by contacting Nick Hughes by email or by phone 01252 413596

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