Mitsubishi Contractor endorses use of XOI to improve Service

Bedford based Guardian Environmental Services Ltd. is a Mitsubishi approved contractor providing a wide variety of facilities management services throughout the UK. With a focus on high quality and tailored services, Guardian prides themselves on their commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

As a Mitsubishi approved installer, providing a quality installation and after sales service that upholds Mitsubishi’s standards is vital. In order to maintain this high standard of quality, Guardian sought a visual documentation tool to improve communication and transparency.

The XOi Technologies Vision Live app has helped Guardian achieve this goal by providing their clients complete transparency into their service operations with full visual technical support through the use of photos and videos.

“We’ve had a seamless implementation with XOi, and we’ve been really happy with the support we’ve received. I look at the XOi website quite often to see how other people are talking about the platform, and it gives you ideas of how we can use it more.” - Simon Thurstans, Managing Director, Guardian Environmental

Guardian has even utilised the tool to create workflows related to health and safety by creating training videos and standardised procedures for engineers to utilise while working in the field. Ultimately, XOi Vision has helped Guardian increase overall quality control, efficiency, visual documentation, and validation on every job.

Guardian Environmental Services Results Using XOi Technologies

  • Increased Transparency and Communication

  • 58% Decrease in Second Truck Rolls

  • 22% Increase in Customer Referrals and Repeat Business

  • 19% Reduction in Customer Credits

  • 12% Increase in Tech Recommended Repairs

  • Unique Vison Live 2-way Video support.

  • Direct Connections with Spare Parts suppliers from Tech workflows, thereby removing re-stocking charges.

  • Remote Access by techs to Cloud based job history, 200,000 + O&M's, "How to Videos", Diagrams. including, installation and maintenance procedures thereby reducing warranty claims.

What is XOi Technologies?

XOi Technologies empowers techs to safely capture critical jobsite information, launch on-the-job remote support, access relevant equipment documentation, and provide your customers photos and videos of recommended and completed work.

What is XOi Vision Live?

Vision Live is a virtual assistance application designed specifically for field service technicians and their customers. The tool utilises smart technology to allow technicians to virtually connect and collaborate in real time for faster problem solving, troubleshooting, and training directly from the field.

Additionally, customers can use the app to share live on site issues, enabling contractors to troubleshoot an issue and identify any necessary parts that may need to be ordered before dispatching an M&E technician to the site.

XOi Technologies helps contractors stand out from the competition. It gives your clients the added reassurance that you're doing a full, proper service. If there’s ever any disputes with a client, you're covered with video content to say and show what’s actually been done.

The XOi Vision Live app allows your techs and customers to virtually connect and collaborate in real-time for faster training and problem resolution direct from the field. The app allows you to access a virtual, interactive environment from your team’s and customers existing smart devices, enabling:

81% Improved First Time Fix Rate

69% Decrease in Resolution Time

50% Reduced 2nd Tech Visits

41% Decreased Tech Training Time

30% Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers can share live actual site issues enabling contractors to Triage the site issue before despatching the correct technician and any spares needed.

You see the actual improvement results on the Guardian case study.

Guardian Case Study
Download PDF • 318KB

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