Maintaining Covid Safety by Contractors?

Much has been written in the many FM & HVACR trade magazines about people returning to work and the procedures that their employers are putting in place to ensure that the best is being done to ensure worker and occupier safety.

These naturally include increased cleaning regimes, improvements to ventilation, reduced occupancy levels, improved air quality etc. But what procedures exist for contractors visiting those buildings, what procedures do they follow - have they got a protocol and policy and can you guarantee that their field technicians follow the rules?

Each contractor has to follow COVID rules and guidelines, but these are interpreted and followed differently by each contractor. Larger contractors will have some standard procedures that they expect all their field technicians to follow. However smaller contractors may have less robust systems and may not follow anything other than whats required when they turn up at a building.

Since we have been living with the pandemic for so long, are those rules being robustly followed as they were at the outset of the pandemic?

To make things more complicated each building and their occupiers will have different procedures when admitting contractors into their sites, varying from different check-in systems, sanitisation, wearing of masks etc. Care Homes will differ from Offices, Hospitality and Retail etc.

Standardising Procedures

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a standard process customised to each building that contractors can access from their smartphones, tablets etc. and follow through custom workflows that integrates with their existing CAFM, FSM or Job Management System, that ensures that technicians have to follow a specific procedure/protocol thats unique to each building?

With multiple different contractors needing to visit those buildings, there is now available a custom created workflow procedure for not only maintaining Covid safety and at the same time carrying out fixed pre-agreed site maintenance/repairs and also meeting Health & Safety needs and producing RAMS needed by main contractors and occupiers alike.

The XOi system from Smart Future Tech is a CAFM, FSM, Job management software enhancement system. Its like Facetime or WhatsApp on steroids!

Imagine being able to share that information mentioned above with your customers

Here is an example of a customised workflow this can be incorporated seamlessly via a customised API into the job management software that you are already using.

Customers love the fact that they can access a document that gives a permanent record of any contractor visiting the building that proves they are following the Covid guideline requirements and shows what work they have carried out.

Even better they can speed up repairs by taking advantage of instant remote assistance through the Vision Live system. This enables full live 2-way video that allows remote control of a tech or customers mobile device so that issues can be triaged before sending a technician.

Contractors and their technicians, whether working direct for a customer or a main contractor will continue to have a responsibility to comply with Covid rules and regulations for years to come and this pandemic has taught contractors that rules have to be abided by and the XOi system makes the whole process as easy as tapping a link on their phone.

Why not request a demo of the software and then get a fully supported no-obligation 60-day trial? Simply click the button below.

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