How Visual Documentation Technologies Support Service Contractors

Evidence is everything in field service work, especially as your customers expect transparency and a working knowledge of the services you can provide. Service companies and contractors are finding ways to stand out from the competition with easy-to-share links, quality documentation of work performed, and workflow automation for planning preventative maintenance and routine repairs.

New visual documentation technologies are giving service contractors tools to show evidence of work completed or recommended. This creates more trust and transparency with each customer, and useful resources for internal training and easy reference.

Utilizing photos and videos on every service and maintenance call is an invaluable way to engage your customers and help them understand what’s happening with their equipment. They will begin to understand the purpose behind your recommendations and therefore feel more confident in the decisions they make.

Visual Tools Help Service Technicians in the Field

We’ve made it our mission to provide the complete communication tool for technicians. XOi empowers techs to safely capture critical job site information, launch on the job remote support, access relevant equipment documentation, and provide your customers photos and videos of recommended and completed work.

Capture Info at Each Job Site

Use the camera on your techs’ existing devices to ensure every job is done right, complete with photos, videos, and overview of work performed.

Coach Technicians when Necessary

No matter the skill level of the tech on site, XOi gives them the tools and information needed to quickly troubleshoot any potential issues they may encounter on the job. Wireframes and workflows are incorporated into the app to help each tech succeed.

Collaborate in Real Time

While your most skilled technicians may not be able to physically be on site for every job, the XOi Vision Live app allows you to bring their knowledge and expertise to every job virtually.

Connecting XOi to Your (CAFM) or Job Management Software

The XOi platform is a system designed to easily integrate with UK and European CAFM job management software. XOi improves the field reporting and customer experience functions and sits alongside the CAFM systems features.

XOi elevates your CAFM to include two-way video support. This also provides direct connections with spare parts suppliers from tech workflows, thereby removing re-stocking charges.

All completed work is automatically saved in XOi – allowing your techs and managers to search for a specific job by work order number, customer name, address, and any additional custom tags they may have added.

You can easily walk techs through each process with custom step-by-step workflows built in XOi. The mobile app provides more than 200k supplier instructional videos and diagrams to help reduce warranty claims.

Meeting Service Customer Expectations

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect more than just words. If they are facing a high-cost repair or replacement, they need to see visual evidence. Customers and partners want to see the most up-to-date equipment schematics with realistic cost estimates on their repair vs. replace decisions.

A photo or video taken by your tech in the field inspires accountability. Utilising technologies that can provide your customers a complete, visual overview of the state of their equipment alongside quoted or performed work is one of the best and fastest ways to educate them.

This level of transparency ultimately builds trust, which can help you expedite the decision making process to close more deals and open the doors to new service locations.

Are you empowering your front line to build your bottom line? Giving technicians the ability to communicate better with customers and receive support faster can help drive growth and performance for your organization.

5 Reasons to Adopt On-the-Job Technology

  • Elevate your service by improving customer transparency and trust

  • Better equip technicians in the field, ensuring technology adoption

  • Improve speed to quote and closing rates for new sales opportunities

  • Better address and show proof of on site health and safety concerns

  • Illustrate historical value by creating a detailed history of completed jobs

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