How M&E Manufacturers Improve Installation & Reduce Warranty Claims by 30%

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

As an M&E equipment manufacturer, do you struggle with persistent high level of warranty claims? Do you want to reduce the amount of warranty issues?

This article is about demonstrating how an established UK Commercial Catering Manufacturer who will save an estimated 30% in Warranty claims during 2021/22.

Today, their revenue is 3 times higher than ever before, and that’s all because they did one thing right.

They are achieving this by improving the quality of their installations, using some newly developed custom workflows for installation contractors created using the XOi system from Smart Future Tech.

Warranty Claims -Related to Installation issues

M&E equipment Manufacturers have to ensure the quality and performance of their products, no matter whether they are an HVACR or Commercial Catering equipment or indeed any other M&E manufacturer. Traditionally manufacturers provide training in the following way:

  • Manufacturers train their equipment distributors in manufacturers premises

  • Distributors train installers/contractors on how to install the equipment in their facilities

  • Contractors technicians have to be accredited attend manufacturers specific equipment for 2-3 days training on each type of equipment which means they cannot be utilised for chargeable work during that time.

All manufacturers have T&C's relating to warranty. This example by Daikin and in particular sections 1-4 clearly shows the requirements for them to offer the warranty. This wording is typical across all manufacturers.

Put simply it means that the system has to be installed properly and by accredited, approved and trained contractors. The problem is there is a skills shortage and a large workload. To make matters worse (no matter what industry you are in, there is a large backlog of projects that need completing) Therefore the priority lies in getting the work done - no matter what, because thats what pays the bills!

Poor installations nearly always result in poor equipment performance and request for warranty support. So who pays the bill when something isnt working? If its down to a poor installation then the contractor will be charged by the manufacturer to fix the issue, which can eat into the contractors profits.

See this example of the extreme sort of thing that A/C manufacturers are up against.

I appreciate this is rather extreme but it does make you think!

Guaranteeing Installation, Health & Safety and Commissioning standards

Once a technician has completed the training provided, will they remember everything they were taught and learned many months ago?

To ensure a regular quality of installation, field technicians (that are undertaking equipment installations) must follow a series of step by step workflows which have been custom built in the XOi system from Smart Future Tech which are built for each individual equipment type and the specific model that it refers to.

Site Health& Safety goes without saying and again these "workflow steps" can be built-in to ensure site and equipment safety is being adhered to.

These step by step workflows includes a series of "how to" videos, photos, descriptions and access to an exclusive online Manufacturers knowledgebase. These steps have to be completed correctly and the technician cannot move forward to the next step in the installation until each step has been completed.

You can see exactly what one of these workflows look like by clicking on this link

Remote Support

There are times when a technician comes up against a problem or needs additional support - especially for the less experienced or newly qualified techs. Thats when the XOI Vision Live system is available. A live 2-way video link can be established between the technician and supervisor or manager who can remotely diagnose the issue.

Smart Future Tech_Vision Live Info Sheet
Download PDF • 490KB

Direct Links to external parts suppliers

There are times when parts are required on OEM equipment that are 3rd party manufactured, such as specific controllers, valves, compressors etc.

When a technician identifies the part(s) required in his workflows using in built OCR in his field APP, it sends direct links with external parts suppliers such as Wolseley Group etc. and the various brands in their group.

Once the technician identifies the parts needed from the workflow, the link is automatically shared and sent to the parts supplier for checking and validation, and then assuming the part is correct then part is sent straight out to either the site or contractor for fitting.

This then ensures no restocking charge is necessary as the correct part will have been sent. Previously the aforementioned contractors had incurred restocking charges of over £200K p.a.

Want to ensure that your equipment is being installed correctly and reduce your warranty claims? Get in touch for a live demo and quote.

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