Aermec UK Joins the XOi Family

Updated: May 26, 2021

Aermec is the first chiller company in the UK to invest in XOi Technologies’ ground-breaking communications tool, enabling its HVAC engineers to provide cutting-edge service and maintenance in real-time.

Service engineers access the cloud-based platform via a mobile, which enables seamless communication between Aermec’s engineers and the office. The smart technology allows engineers to easily capture and document images of each job, access documentation, and provide real-time video support to Aermec’s customers. The app simplifies the engineers’ work whilst transforming the customer experience, enabling them to see first-hand their equipment and any work that needs to be carried out.

Aermec UK joins the XOi family as one of many customers in the UK already using the XOi system offered exclusively in the UK by Smart Future Tech a technology business providing business improvement systems to MEP contractors businesses.

With the customer at the heart of the system offered, Aermec customers now have the ability to build and increase trust in the service provided, and the Visual Documentation reporting system gives complete transparency and explanation in layman's terms, supported by proof through video. photos and supporting information as can be seen on this sample report

Aermec will be using this as a platform for their other European and worldwide warranty and service offices as well as key Global Data Centre customers.

Why not join Aermec UK and other customers with a 60-day fully supported trial which is available to contractors by hitting the button below.

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