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Damvent Total HVAC Unit

Damvent THVAC.png

The Damvent Total HVAC unit is a packaged Space Cooling/Heating unit using 100% fresh air, at less than 20oC, which operates between 30-40% of the total annual working hours, only by using Free-Cooling and Ventilation, recirculated air, nor indoor units.


In post COVID times that`s a major advantage. It provides constant fresh air, exceeding the levels required for the maximum amount of people in the room. By providing a minimum air change without operating the compressors. That`s a high energy saving feature, that cannot be achieved by just the Free-Cooling mode, the unit will maintain the room temperature during intermediate spring and autumn seasons with an ambient of greater than 10oC That's not possible with classic air-to-air heat pumps and VRF systems.


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